FinTech in Liechtenstein

Financial technologies are an opportunity for Liechtenstein. The FMA pursues the approach of using and designing regulation in such a way that established financial service providers and new enterprises are able to implement their business models.

If you wish to offer services in the field of FinTech in Liechtenstein, this is the place to find initial information about the regulatory framework. Please address any questions to fintech[at] Or arrange a talk with the FMA. Our specialists will be happy to assist you in a timely manner for an initial assessment of your ideas.

As a supervisory authority, the FMA deals not only with the opportunities but also with the risks of technology-based business models. It has to ensure that client protection is upheld, that trust in the financial market is maintained, and that the stability of the financial system is not put at risk. To ensure market access to the European Economic Area, business models must furthermore be compliant with European rules.

Why Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is an excellent place to establish a company. Situated between Austria and Switzerland, Liechtenstein offers a broadly diversified, stable business location with more than 4,300 active companies. Promoting innovation is a central issue for the government. Along with a corporate service, the Office for Financial Centre Innovation (Stabsstelle für Finanzplatzinnovation, SFI) offers further information in the field of international cooperation and Liechtenstein as a location for innovation. The government makes more detailed information available about further developing state framework conditions as well as promoting innovative products and services on

Excellent integration in attractive economic areas

Since 1995, Liechtenstein has been a member of the European Economic Area (EEA) and thus has EU-compliant regulation and full freedom to provide services in all EEA countries. Thanks to Liechtenstein's traditionally close economic relations and the Customs and Currency Treaty with Switzerland, Liechtenstein companies also benefit from privileged access to the Swiss economic area.

Accessible supervisory authority

The FMA has set up an internal competence team, the "Regulatory Laboratory", which deals with regulation and innovation in the field of financial technologies. At the interface between regulation and the market, the team is the contact point for companies working in FinTech.

Short communication channels

The manageable size of the country entails flexibility and short decision-making channels in all matters.

Liberal economic policy

Liechtenstein is business-friendly and creates the best framework conditions for entrepreneurs. The country's liberal economic policy is reflected in labour law as well as company law.

Simple and fair tax system

The uniform corporate income tax rate for companies in Liechtenstein is 12.5%. Paying this flat tax satisfies all fiscal demands, given that Liechtenstein has no capital or coupon tax.