Warning notice: Rolf Muller has not been licensed by the FMA as an asset management company

The Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein (FMA) points out that Rolf Muller (formerly Rolf Muller Finance) does not have any authorisation granted by the FMA, in particular with the Law on Asset Management (Asset Management Act; AMA) and the MIFID Directive (2004/39/EC). Accordingly the company is not authorised to provide or convey business according to the AMA:
  • portfolio management;
  • investment advice;
  • reception and transmission of orders concerning one or more financial instruments; and
  • recommendation relating to transactions in financial instruments that directly serve the purpose of customer care.
Rolf Muller is not authorised to collect money or other assets. The company does not have a registered office in Liechtenstein. The FMA already published a warning notice regarding Rolf Muller Finance on 20 March 2014.
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