Warning of clone firm: becofinancement(dot)com

The operators of the website https://www(dot)becofinancement(dot)com (or a similar form) are purporting to be an investment and financing trust named BeCoFin Trust domiciled in Liechtenstein.

In the interest of clarification the Financial Market Authority (FMA) Liechtenstein informs that there is no connection between www(dot)becofinancement(dot)com and Becofin Trust reg. (c/o Audax Consulting Trust Est., Rätikonstrasse 13, 9490 Vaduz, Commercial Register No. FL-0002.478.083-1). The operators of https://www(dot)becofinancement(dot)com do not have an FMA authorization or a domicile in Liechtenstein.

The FMA urgently advises not to make any investments via the website https://www(dot)becofinancement(dot)com.

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