FinTech in Liechtenstein

Financial technologies are an opportunity for Liechtenstein. The FMA pursues the approach of using and designing regulation in such a way that established financial service providers and new enterprises are able to implement their business models.

If you wish to offer services in the field of FinTech in Liechtenstein, this is the place to find initial information about the regulatory framework. Please address any questions to fintech[at] Or arrange a talk with the FMA. Our specialists will be happy to assist you in a timely manner for an initial assessment of your ideas.

As a supervisory authority, the FMA deals not only with the opportunities but also with the risks of technology-based business models. It has to ensure that client protection is upheld, that trust in the financial market is maintained, and that the stability of the financial system is not put at risk. To ensure market access to the European Economic Area, business models must furthermore be compliant with European rules.

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