Notice with regard to Neufund / Fifth Force (Liechtenstein) GmbH

In a media release dated 16 September 2019, Fifth Force (Liechtenstein) GmbH (Neufund) claims that the platform has received approval from the Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein (FMA) to carry out public offers with a minimum deposit of only CHF 10 and is thus accessible to various investors, including retail investors.

The FMA points out that the FMA has not granted the Fifth Force (Liechtenstein) GmbH, Vaduz, registration number FL-0002.609.744-9, (New Fund), such approval. The Fifth Force (Liechtenstein) GmbH does not have a supervisory license from the FMA and offers by Fifth Force (Liechtenstein) GmbH are therefore not subject to supervision by the FMA. As the operator of the website, Fifth Force (Liechtenstein) GmbH is not authorized to provide financial services subject to licensing in and from Liechtenstein.

The Fifth Force (Liechtenstein) GmbH and its offers are not supervised. To date, the FMA has no knowledge that the Fifth Force (Liechtenstein) GmbH carries out activities requiring a license.

Update (3 October 2019): On the basis of FMA‘s notice with regard to Neufund / Fifth Force (Liechtenstein) GmbH dated 27 September 2019, Neufund / Fitfth Force has published a corrigendum of its media release.

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