Client protection

In addition to safeguarding the stability of the Liechtenstein financial market, preventing abuses, and implementing and complying with recognized international standards, the protection of clients is a key responsibility of the FMA Liechtenstein. In this way, the FMA makes an important contribution to ensuring the confidence of investors, insured persons, and creditors in the Liechtenstein financial sector.

As an integrated financial market supervisory authority, the FMA supervises banks, insurance undertakings, asset management companies, fund management companies, and other financial market participants. The demands on client protection vary depending on the sector. The goal of client protection is to ensure that the supervised financial intermediaries meet their obligations toward investors, clients, and creditors.

The FMA exercises its protection of clients through its supervisory work, for instance by reviewing the legal requirements on the liquidity and capital of banks and the appropriateness of risk distribution, and by monitoring permanent compliance with licensing conditions.

To combat abuse, the FMA ensures that activities subject to a licence are not carried out without a licence. Violations are reported by the FMA to the Office of the Public Prosecutor. The licensed financial intermediaries are made public in the register of licensed institutions. By publishing notices and warning notices, the FMA has another instrument at its disposal to ensure client protection.

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