News 2020

Warning of clone firm

It is highly recommended not to use the website www[dot]general-european-finance[dot]com for financial services.

Notice: Lapse of a licence

The licence of Union Bank AG, Austrasse 46, 9490 Vaduz (FL-0002.303.567-3) to operate a bank lapsed due to written renunciation pursuant to Art. 27 para. 1 lit. c Banking Act by 11 August 2020.

FMA Guidelines 2017/18

The FMA Guidelines 2017/18 - Professional qualification and personal integrity of executive bodies and function holders - are available in English.

Notice: ETR AG

By order of 7 July 2020, the FMA prohibited ETR AG, Vaduz, from issuing e-money or accepting deposits and other repayable funds by notification of the decision in question and and ordered the repayment of the funds received.


ADCADA Investments AG PCC and ADCADA Immobilien AG PCC

Warning notice

ADCADA Investments AG PCC and und ADCADA International AG have not been licensed by the FMA as a financial intermediary

Warning notice

The FMA points out that the operator of the website www[dot]dash-trader[dot]com does not have a FMA authorisation and is therefore not allowed to provide any financial services that are subject to authorisation under Liechtenstein law.

Warning notice

The operators of the website www(dot)financialpartners-ltd(dot)com/ are purporting to be a company domiciled in Vaduz.


The FMA orders enforced transfer of the insurance portfolio from Sikura Leben AG to Quantum Leben AG.

Warning notice

EXW Global AG has not been licensed by the FMA as a financial intermediary.

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