Financial centre

The Principality of Liechtenstein is home to a specialized and stable financial centre with a strong international network. After the industrial sector, financial services make up the second-largest sector of the Liechtenstein economy. Banks have the greatest importance, managing client assets of CHF 424 billion together with their foreign group companies and operating primarily in wealth management. Liechtenstein is also an attractive location for the insurance industry, asset management, the fund industry, and the fiduciary industry. About 7346 people work in the financial sector, which represents 17,2% of the people working in Liechtenstein.

Direct market access to two attractive economic areas

Liechtenstein has been a member of the European Economic Area (EEA) since 1995 and thus enjoys complete freedom of services throughout all countries of the European Union and the EEA. Thanks to Liechtenstein's traditionally close neighborly economic ties and the Customs and Currency Treaty with Switzerland, Liechtenstein financial intermediaries also enjoy privileged access to the Swiss economic area. For Swiss market players, Liechtenstein also offers advantages as a nearby hub to the EU and EEA countries.

Internationally integrated and recognized supervision

Liechtenstein has strong, internationally recognized financial market supervision. The FMA implements the international standards governing the supervision of financial market players. The FMA is represented in all European financial market supervisory bodies and important global organizations dealing with the supervision and regulation of financial markets.

EU-compatible financial market regulation

Thanks to Liechtenstein's EEA membership, the same legal requirements apply to financial market participants in Liechtenstein as in the EU countries. By implementing EU directives in a timely and market-oriented matter, Liechtenstein promotes the competitiveness and attractiveness of the financial centre. Liechtenstein has high standards and an effective system for combating money laundering and terrorist financing at its disposal. Liechtenstein also implements the OECD standards governing transparency and information exchange in tax matters.

Stable and reliable state with AAA rating

In the heart of Europe and with the Swiss franc, Liechtenstein's system of state offers a stable legal and social order with a very high quality of living for its inhabitants. The solid financial policy of the public budgets, short administrative channels, and a transparent and predictable tax and legal framework contribute to its attractiveness as a business location. The AAA rating awarded toLiechtenstein by Standard & Poor's underscores this reliability.