FMA - Financial Market Authority

For financial service providers

Liechtenstein is an attractive financial centre with direct access to the European Single Market and the Swiss Market. The Liechtenstein FMA is the competent authority for licensing and admission of financial service providers. For information and enquiries, FMA specialists stand at your disposal. Contact:; further information.

Financial technologies

​The FMA deals with the regulation of new financial technologies and is at disposal for any questions. FinTech in Liechtenstein

Warning notice

Smart Valor AG has not been licensed by the FMA as a financial intermediary.

Notice regarding LCX AG

The Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein (FMA) points out that LCX AG, Vaduz, has not been licensed by the FMA and has not submitted an authorization request to the FMA.

Warning notice: www[dot]maponos-invest[dot]com

The Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority (FMA) points out that there is no connection between the operators of the website www[dot]maponos-invest[dot]com and Maponos Invest AG, Triesen.

Warning notice

LOOiX AG has not been licensed by the FMA as a financial company.

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