Legal foundations for financial intermediaries 
As an integrated supervisory authority, the FMA supervises banks and insurances as well as numerous other financial market participants. "Legal foundations for financial intermediaries" links to the legal foundations currently in force (laws, ordinances, guidelines, etc.) for the various categories of financial intermediaries.

Anti-money laundering 
The FMA is responsible for the due diligence supervision of Liechtenstein financial market participants. The documents under "anti-money laundering" include information on the professional due diligence requirements for combating money laundering, organized crime, and financing of terrorism.

Regulatory projects 
A choice of regulatory projects for the Liechtenstein financial centre are included under "regulatory projects". Most of the legislative work is based on implementation of EEA relevant enactments into national law, to which Liechtenstein is obligated as an EEA member. On behalf of the Government, the FMA participates in the preparation of financial market laws.