Liechtenstein business location

Liechtenstein is an excellent location for establishing and relocating companies. Nestled between Austria and Switzerland, Liechtenstein offers a broadly diversified and stable business location with more than 4,800 active companies.

Stable social and economic order, solid financial policy

The high degree of political continuity, the country's solid financial policy, and the financial strength of the public budget mean that entrepreneurs can focus on what's essential. Liechtenstein is one of the few debt-free countries in the world. The reliability of the social and economic order, legal certainty, and the Swiss franc as the official currency ensure stability.

Liechtenstein is known for its specialized and stable financial centre with a strong international network. But the country also has a very high degree of industrialization. Industry and manufacturing is the largest economic sector in the country. About 40% of workers are employed in industry and manufacturing.

Liberal economic policy

Liechtenstein is business-friendly, creating optimal conditions for entrepreneurs. The country's liberal economic policy is reflected in labour law as well as company law. Low non-wage labour costs and the high number of weekly working hours compared with other countries in Europe contribute to the attractiveness of the business location. The manageable size of the country also entails flexibility and short decision-making channels in all matters.

Excellent integration into attractive economic areas

Since 1995, Liechtenstein has been a member of the European Economic Area (EEA) and thus enjoys full freedom to provide services in all EEA countries. Thanks to Liechtenstein's traditionally close economic ties and the Customs and Currency Treaty with its neighbour Switzerland, Liechtenstein companies benefit from privileged access to the Swiss economic area. As a member of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), the country also benefits from one of the largest global networks of concluded free trade agreements.

Simple and fair tax system

The uniform corporate income tax rate is 12.5% for companies in Liechtenstein. Payment of this flat tax covers everything, given that Liechtenstein has neither a capital tax nor a coupon tax. There is also no distribution surcharge or tax on dividends or capital and liquidation gains on holdings. Research and development activities benefit from an 80% tax exemption on income from intellectual property rights thanks to an attractive IP box.

Numerous double taxation and tax information exchange agreements, including with Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the United States, govern international cooperation. As of June 2020, 55 international tax agreements were in force. The Customs Union with Switzerland also has a positive effect on taxation. The joint value added tax rate is a low 7.7%.

High quality of life

With its security, intact nature, rich cultural offerings, diverse recreational possibilities, and a top-quality education system, Liechtenstein offers a high quality of life.

System of government: The Principality of Liechtenstein is a constitutional hereditary monarchy on a democratic and parliamentary basis. In this direct democracy, the power of the State is divided between the Head of State, Reigning Prince Hans-Adam II von und zu Liechtenstein, and the people. Together, the 11 municipalities make up the sixth-smallest country in the world. Parliament – the Landtag – is composed of 25 representatives elected by the people. Parliament appoints the five-member Government, which is confirmed by the Reigning Prince.