Warning notice: www.launtonwealth.com

The operators of the website www.launtonwealth.com (or a similar form) are purporting to be a brand of an authorized insurance intermediary company in Liechtenstein, Finanz-Control Anstalt, Heiligkreuz 52, 9490 Vaduz, Commercial Register No. FL-0001.536.585-0. The operators of www.launtonwealth.com do not have an authorization of the Financial Market Authority (FMA) Liechtenstein or a domicile in Liechtenstein. The FMA points out that there is no connection between www.launtonwealth.com and Finanz-Control Anstalt.

The FMA points out that the operators of www.launtonwealth.com are not allowed to provide any financial services that are subject to authorization.

The FMA urgently advises not to make any investments via the website www.launtonwealth.com. Claiming the connection with an actually existing company is an attempt to obtain assets that may result in the investor's total loss of the supposed investment.

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