Announcement: Lapse of licence of Sora Bank AG / Resolution of voluntary liquidation

The Financial Market Authority (FMA) Liechtenstein was informed by Sora Bank AG that the extraordinary general meeting of Sora Bank AG on 7 March 2023 resolved the voluntary liquidation of the bank.

The licence of Sora Bank AG, Landstrasse 11, 9495 Triesen, to operate a bank has lapsed pursuant to Article 27(1)(c) of the Banking Act (BankG) pursuant to renunciation in writing effective 7 March 2023.

Sora Bank AG is accordingly no longer entitled to provide or offer banking services in accordance with Article 3 BankG.

To ensure client protection, the FMA is taking the measures necessary for the execution of the liquidation and the settlement of ongoing business and is issuing the necessary instructions to the liquidators. The FMA also supervises the liquidators and the liquidation.

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